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TC Mastery: Our Signature Workshop

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When was the last time you had so many patients coming in you didn’t know what to do with them? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Btw – it’s not the economy.

And it’s not because of AI!

It’s all ‘cause your TC doesn’t know the power they wield yet. They’re sitting on a goldmine and all they do with it is babysit patients?


Give us one day.

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May 9th, 16th and 23rd from 12-2pm CST | Remote Access

We’ll blast your TC with more techniques, scripts, tricks, and industry secrets than they can handle.

Everything they need to know to increase case acceptance, improve office efficiency, and close like they’ve never closed before.

Scratching the Surface of the Course’s Benefits
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Complete Workbook

Every trick in the book? Forget it – we’ll give you the whole book! Every move, every tactic, every strategy we’ll discuss at the event – it’s all in there, 50 pages long. We’ll also coach you on the best ways to synthesize all you’ve learned and create a phased approach to presenting new strategies & implementing them with your team back home.

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Competitive Edge

What will the course leave you with? Oh, naught but your patient attraction and conversion systems completely dialed into the buying habits of the largest generational patient demographic we’ve ever seen. Do you think your neighbor down the road could say the same?

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Straight Talk

Don’t you just love it when the website guys try to communicate with convoluted spreadsheets and graphs? Yeah, neither do we. That’s why we put complex marketing ideas into the language YOU speak and leave the phony business lingo at the door.

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How About A Discount?

We can’t just leave you without a discount (or three) now, can we? Not on our watch. So, to go with all the knowledge bombs, we’ll also make sure to drop a few exclusive offers from our sponsors on everyone in attendance.

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Collab Don’t Stop

You don’t think it’s just TCs who can benefit from this event, do you? No, we’re talking a complete marketing boot camp where you can collaborate with peers, troubleshoot workflows or obstacles with execution, and spend one-on-one time with ortho-specific practice consultants.

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Boots On The Ortho Ground

Who’d you rather learn from – marketing companies who ‘try to do ortho’ or coaches who ACTUALLY WORK IN ORTHO OFFICES? Thought so. After 15+ years in the ortho field, we don’t JUST know the lay of the land – we LAID that damn land!

Diving Deep Into The Course’s Waters
  • New Patient Experience – onboarding systems, exam flow, doctor efficiency, and more

  • Perfect Fee Presentations – sales methodology, financial arrangements, & split families

  • The Secret to Same-Day Starts – we’re talking Jedi mind trick stuff here!

  • Sales Skills – building rapport, psychology, and reading patients

  • Serving Millennial Patients – especially Millennial Moms!

  • Virtualization – smile assessments, virtual consults, the works!

  • Efficient Follow-Up Protocols
  • Closure & Conversion Rates
  • And More!

TCs ONLY! We Invite all TCs & Back-Up TCs to TC Mastery
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