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Tracy offering the Quick Fix package


Is your practice in trouble? Are the numbers going the wrong direction? Is your staff at each other’s throats? Is the new doc in town eating your lunch? We can help.

Maybe your office is doing well, but you’ve plateaued and your starts are flat year-over-year? You’re not happy, but you can’t seem to break through to the next level? We can help.

Or perhaps you’re a brand new practice, and money is tight, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and spread thin and you could really use a friend to help get you over that first hump? We can help.


A two-day on-site visit focusing on one or two key targets.

At Straight Consulting, we love the challenge and the excitement of a Quick Fix. This package is designed for any orthodontists who are looking to improve a specific area or two of their practice. For some docs, it’s like an annual check-up. You may not notice any particular symptoms, but it’s been a while since your last physical, and you just need someone to take a look around. For others, you’re in need of a shock to the system to accomplish something new. For them, it’s a shot in the arm, a B12 booster or an antibiotic!

Think of us like a Special Forces unit, who just happen to be exceptionally good at ortho consulting. We’ll parachute in the night before (under the cover of darkness), then work on-site at your office, alongside your team, for two days as we help you turn things around or simply take them up a notch! In 48 hours, we’ll diagnose whatever issues you’re facing, provide instant feedback, and take immediate corrective measures. Then, we’ll punch out, leaving you with a clear track to run on and any relevant support materials!

This intensive approach is designed to be highly efficient, offering you meaningful change for your practice as affordably as possible, without any long-term commitments or ongoing support. Choose one or two of our target services (depending on your objectives) and let’s get to work:

  • Treatment Coordinator Coaching
  • Marketing Strategy (Internal & External)
  • New Patient Experience
  • Invisalign Implementation
  • Team Development
  • Financial Management
  • Schedule Design
  • New Practice Setup

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Kasha Bandmann who is an actual Straight Consulting client
“I had the opportunity to train one-on-one with Tracy as a new Treatment Coordinator. By the time Tracy left, I felt more confident and comfortable presenting treatment fees, answering questions, dealing with insurance, and truly connecting with patients and their family.”
Kasha Bandmann, Ortho TC
Salt Lake City, UT