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Our Advantage

We bring decades of experience in orthodontics, sales, and marketing to help offices stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. With our ability to adapt proven techniques, capitalize on a practice’s unique culture, add a fresh, millennial viewpoint, and sprinkle a bit of “southern sass” on top, the result is an approach uniquely tailored to every client, from tiny startup to established DSO, all without forcing a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

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Treatment Coordinator Coaching
We believe the New Patient Consultation is a show. There are lines, cues, a song, and a dance. Straight Consulting teaches the routine and empowers your team with the freedom to make it their own in order to achieve the highest level of case acceptance.

Not to play favorites, but Treatment Coordinators hold a special place in our hearts. They’re the doctor’s right hand, the conductor of the production train, and so much more. There’s a lot on the shoulders of the TC and it takes a special person to own this role.

We’ll work with your TC exclusively to hone their current talents and add techniques we’ve picked up over the years to truly master the craft of orthodontic case acceptance.

Marketing Strategy Plans
We believe that what got you here, won’t get you there. If you’re counting on dental referrals, you’re kidding yourself. Everyone is TIRED of monthly muffin deliveries, so stop doing them and move on to more meaningful marketing!

In today’s world, relationships matter more than ever. You have to embed your practice in the community, strengthen your bond with patients, and open lines of communication through social media.

Whether you’re one location, multiple offices, or a full-fledged DSO, we can formulate a memorable marketing plan (tailored to your practice) that’s actually worth talking about!

New Patient Experience
We believe the New Patient Experience is everything. It’s the number one differentiator for your office. The orthodontic world has moved from health care providers to customer service, and the next evolution of ortho is hospitality.

As millennials, we know the new generation of consumers cares less about the scientific precision of your work and more about how they feel when they walk in your office.

We understand that the experience begins with the first call and we’ll show you how to deliver a new patient experience in your orthodontic office that is Straight WOW.

Invisalign Implementation
We believe Invisalign, and clear aligners in general, are the future of orthodontics. While we love braces and traditional hardware approaches, and know that won’t be going away anytime soon, the future is clear.

Many orthodontists are still not on the Invisalign bandwagon. Whether you’ve just dipped your toe in the aligner waters, or have outright ignored them, we can help.

If you want to simultaneously better serve your patient’s needs, while decreasing chair time and driving higher revenue per patient, you can’t afford to ignore Invisalign. And we have the tools and strategies to put you on the road to Diamond Status.

Team Development
We believe that it takes teams to win championships. A single star player isn’t enough to get the job done. And while certain team members in your office, like your treatment coordinator or office manager, may play a larger role, everyone matters.

Not only that, but we know it can be hard to get buy-in and switch mindsets when change is needed. The ancient text says, a prophet isn’t welcome in their hometown. If you have children, you know your kids always listen better to other parents.

We’ve played every position, so we can speak to every player with confidence. We also know that an outside voice carries further when you need to get the clinic and the front desk to play nice, reassign roles, have a crucial conversation with a troubled player, or even “release them to industry.”

Financial Management
We believe that long-term success means getting your financial house in order. For your TC, contracts and fees go hand-in-hand with sales psychology training. And to support her efforts, you need practice financial policies that truly set you up to win.

A “financial check-up” from a fresh set of eyes will help you review your current financial stats and identify any issues. And when you know where you are, you can forecast and set performance goals for the team.

Not only that, but knowing your numbers positions you to better implement technology solutions like OrthoFi or OrthoBanc, or even explore practice valuations for possible sales or investment.

Scheduling Template Design
We believe an office can only rise to the level of its scheduling. Trying to overhaul your New Patient Experience? Not possible if you’re running 30 minutes behind every day. Today’s patients demand more.

The real world is messy. Things happen. We get it. But the foundation of a successful ortho practice is a rock-solid schedule template. Maximize your doctor time, cut down on employee overtime, and keep your clinic humming like a well-oiled machine.

If you want to be setup for growth, want greater quality of life, if you’re contemplating changes to your orthodontic practice like a second location, or you’re considering adding an associate, take the time to develop a template that works!

New Practice Setup
We believe it’s always easiest to get off on the right foot! It’s better to create good habits than try to break bad habits. This is true not only with office policies and management, but practice software too. We’ve worked with topsOrtho, Dolphin, Orthotrac, Ortho2, IMS, and more.

We’re fanatical about startups. The speed and potential for growth is exhilarating! By training a new team right, you can avoid breaking the bank and begin defining your practice culture immediately. And helping new grads avoid the pitfalls and hurdles of those first years is always a personal pleasure.

But recent acquisitions are like new practices too! Whether you’re buying a second location, buying out a retiring doc, or expanding your DSO, we can help. We can take a practice from startup to seasoned without all the headaches and expense!

Solving Problems, One Ortho Practice at a Time

We’re ortho consultants who still serve as auxiliaries in our spare time, keeping us dialed in to today’s new patient experience.

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Increase Case Acceptance

It’s what we do best…

Through our practice management consulting, we provide TC Coaching on the ideal New Patient Experience, evaluate your treatment coordinators, integrate our sales techniques, and provide support materials and scripting to ensure implementation.

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Master Marketing

Implement a strategy that works!

Quit wasting money on old approaches that aren’t yielding results. Stop relying on dental referrals. We’ll teach you how to ramp up your internal marketing, turbocharge your online presence, and start spending marketing dollars where they matter.

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Fix Your Team

Let us be your therapist!

We’ll make sure you have the right team members in the right roles by providing performance evaluations and personality assessments. Then, we’ll make sure they’ve bought into your practice culture and are ready to serve your patients.

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Accelerate Your Invisalign

Up your aligner game!

Some orthodontists barely offer clear aligners. Some orthos have avoided Invisalign altogether. If you’re ready for a game-changing impact on your practice, we’ll show you what it takes to get on the fast track to Diamond Status.

Dr. Griffin who is an actual client
“I enlisted Straight Consulting to guide us in marketing my newly-purchased practice. Their ideas are fantastic and watching them work together and brainstorm unique, personalized ideas are just mind-blowing. I feel that they have known my team forever and have a sixth sense for practice building. I would recommend them highly to anyone seeking practice consulting.”
Deborah S. Griffin, DMD
Hartford, CT


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