A Follow-Up to "Creating the YES in Your Office"

In support of a YES culture, Straight Wire is a firm believer in team cross-training and keeping the “tool box” of skills honed. This overlap in skillset will certainly help the team in making the YES happen in your practice.

Your TC may have an assisting background, or your Clinical Assistant may have expressed interest in helping out administratively? Take advantage of this opportunity! Not only does this allow accessible solutions for any unexpected hiccups that may come up during a patient day, but cross-training can promote a sense of professional growth, deepen appreciation for your team, and the collective effort it takes to run an elite practice.

At Straight Wire, we coach our offices that every team member is an equal, we just have different roles. This is an important concept to abide by. We have seen practices unable to reach their full potential with attitudes of “rankism.” Dedication, commitment and integrity are not attributes specific to certain jobs or seniority; these are attributes that everyone must embody.

Tuesday Trasvina, SW Practice Consultant: ”In taking our own advice, I recently had the opportunity to dust off my old scrubs, get in there and brush up on my assisting skills. It had been a good six years since I had been on this side of the chair, and I LOVED IT! I was able to trade my Practice Consultant, Office Manager, and Treatment Coordinator Hat in for my Assisting Hat. The first few days were a bit hard I must admit. I was sore in places I forgot even existed, but with a little patience and a lot of support from the team I was working with, I found my momentum. Along with learning new techniques, I also gained perspective that only having physically worked in that role gave me. This is what we do at Straight Wire - we get to practice what we teach. What I have learned from this side of the chair, is that we can make magic happen in the clinic and it is absolutely the best internal marketing you can invest in, and it is absolutely free!”

Every 30 minutes you have a new opportunity to bond with a patient, talk to a parent, build a relationship, and create smiles inside and out. If your clinic is not buzzing with chatter, laughs and hugs, you are truly missing out on building a thriving practice. Commit to cross-training everyone. Utilizing current skillsets and tapping into new ones will truly round out your team and promote growth. In a YES office, overlapping talents and skills will only strengthen your team and better serve your patients.