Very few orthodontic practices have successfully navigated through the “front/back office divide”, or the mindset of “that’s not my job”. The handful that have are at a great advantage. To create an environment that is reflective of your practice culture, every person on your team should be on the same team. This may seem like an insurmountable task once a practice shows signs of divide, but the magic answer is YES! YES is more than an answer to a question, it is a mindset. When you are a YES office, everyone can feel it. The team is disarmed and ready to serve. Tony Hsieh, CEO and founder of Zappos, has created a YES culture. The motto at Zappos is, “We are a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes.” Zappos has created a culture where the team is empowered to make decisions with having the customer’s best interest in mind, always. We all can be customer service-driven offices that just happen to practice dentistry. By opening up ourselves to the power of YES, we are focused entirely on serving our patient. The paradigm shift to YES is empowering and has a profound impact on team dynamics and transforms patient care. Our mantra at Straight Wire is “Yes, what is the question?” Once your team adopts this new thought process, amazing things start to happen. Take away the struggle to utilize the positive energy of a harmonious team, creating an excellent patient experience each and every visit. At your next huddle, remind yourselves why you are here and that the answer to every question should be YES!