Orthodontic Consulting for Better Case Acceptance: Enhancing Customer Experience

Smiling patient gives dental staff a high five

Is your dental practice struggling with low case acceptance rates?

Today’s patients, especially millennials, value experience as much as, if not more than, knowing all the technical dental jargon.

At Straight Consulting, we know how vital it is that your treatment coordinators and other staff deliver an experience that WOWs your patients.

We’re ortho consultants who still serve as auxiliaries in our spare time.

That means we’re tuned into today’s new patient experience.

Curious about what your patients really want that will have them excited about accepting those treatments?

Keep reading for timely insights into improving operations for your practice.

How Improving Customer Experience Leads to Better Case Acceptance

Case acceptance rates are the lifeblood of any successful dental practice.

Improving the customer experience might be the key.

At Straight ConsultingThis link opens Home page, we understand that patient satisfaction can greatly impact your practice.

We’re sharing our decades of experience in orthodontics, sales, and marketing to help offices stand out.

Here’s how you can enhance your customer experience and see better case acceptance rates.

Why customer experience matters

Customer experience is how patients feel about your practice.

When patients are happy, they are more likely to accept treatment plans.

A great experience means they trust you and feel valued, which leads to more patients saying yes to your transformational treatment plans.

The role of treatment coordinators

A treatment coordinator is vital to your practice.

They not only explain treatment plans to patients but are also the trusted guide for their ultimate smile journey.

They answer questions and address concerns, so effective training for treatment coordinators can make a big difference.

At Straight Consulting, we provide specialized training to help your team succeed.

Training for customer experience

Customer experience training is crucial. It teaches your staff how to interact with patients.

They learn to be friendly, helpful, and professional.

With the right training, your team can make every patient feel important.

Listening to patient feedback

Patient feedback helps improve your services. Ask patients what they like and what they don’t.

Use surveys and comment cards. Listen to their suggestions and make changes.

This shows you care about their opinions.

Making the office welcoming

A welcoming office makes patients feel comfortable.

Create a warm and welcoming waiting area for clients—make them feel at home.

Offer magazines, water, and free Wi-Fi.

Friendly, well-informed staff at the front desk can make a big difference.

Clear communication

Clear communication is a trust-builder with your patients.

Make sure patients understand their treatment plans. Use simple language and visual aids.

Remember, they are more concerned about the overall experience than the techno-speak.

Answer all their questions. This builds trust and leads to better case acceptance.

Follow-up with patients

Follow-up calls show you care. Check-in with patients after their visits.

Ask how they are doing and if they have any questions.

This personal touch can increase loyalty and acceptance of future treatments.

Using technology

Technology can enhance the patient experience.

Online appointment scheduling and reminders make it easier for patients, and digital records streamline visits.

These conveniences show that your practice values patients’ time.

The impact of social proof

Social proof, like reviews and testimonials, can influence new patients.

Encourage happy patients to leave reviews.

Display these reviews on your website and in your office. Positive feedback from others builds trust.

The role of ortho consultants

Ortho consultants bring expertise to your practice that can edge you above your competition.

They help you implement strategies that improve patient experience.

At Straight Consulting, we adapt proven techniques to your unique practice culture.

This tailored approach helps you stand out.

The Straight Consulting difference

We bring a fresh, millennial viewpoint to orthodontics. We sprinkle a bit of “Southern sass” on top.

Our approach is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Much like you treat each patient based on their needs and goals, we treat your practice with the same respect.

We serve dental practices nationwide, including Plano, TX.

Our methods lead to improved patient experience and better case acceptance rates. We help you become a “Yes” practice.

Looking ahead

Improving customer experience can transform your practice.

Patients who feel valued are more likely to accept treatment plans.

At Straight Consulting, we help you achieve this.

With our expertise, you can enhance your practice, improve case acceptance rates, and build patient loyalty.

Give us a call if you’re ready to become a YES practice with us!