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We’re Going Wireless! Straight Wire Consulting is Now Straight Consulting

TL;DR: We dropped “wire” from our name because we love clear aligners (braces are still great too), and it better fits our personality. But read on, we think you’ll dig the post. 

“We thought you were anti-aligners!”

That was the comment from one of the Invisalign Reps in the Phoenix area when we introduced ourselves at Women in Orthodontics (WIO) Conference in October of 2018. To say we were caught off guard would be an understatement. But it got us thinking.

When we launched Straight Wire Consulting (way back in 2014), we had a mission. We were driven by the realization that as high performing TCs, with decades of experience in ortho offices, we’d heard from all the big names in consulting… and we weren’t hearing anything NEW.

The content wasn’t fresh. It wasn’t current. And it wasn’t what we knew was helping us kill it in our offices in 2014. And so, Straight Wire Consulting was born. It was born out of necessity. And just like a straight wire can straighten out a smile, our name reflected a belief that we could “work out the kinks” in your business.

Today, in our fifth year, we remain more committed than ever to our vision for a modern, progressive consulting business that keeps close ties to current best practices (Tracy TC’s in client offices regularly), as well an eye to the future. And to that end, we’ve decided our original name no longer suits us.

Aligners Are the Future

We believe, unequivocally, that the future of orthodontics is clear aligners. We’re big fans of Invisalign, and they’re dominating the industry, to be sure. Now, whether that continues to be true, or whether companies like 3M, ClearCorrect, or Henry Schein can capture greater market share, remains to be seen. In fact, it’s entirely possible that in-office 3D printing becomes so affordable and ubiquitous as to upend the entire thing. But regardless of how it happens, we believe that the future is clear (pun absolutely intended).

Now, for the fundamentalists reading this and clutching their pearls, just breathe. All cards on the table, we don’t believe traditional braces, wires, and metal appliances are going extinct anytime soon. There’s a long way to go before those are in any danger of being rendered obsolete.

But to deny that the orthodontic landscape is changing is an exercise in futility. And so, to better reflect that wireless future, we are officially shortening our name to Straight Consulting.

Moving Forward

In business, there’s no such thing as the status quo; you’re either growing or dying. And like a snake shedding its skin, we’ve simply outgrown our old identity.

Over the last several years, we’ve been incredibly blessed to work with some amazing clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. We’ve shared stages with so many of our mentors and heroes, and we’ve graduated multiple classes from TC Mastery Course. And with 2019 already a quarter over, that pace isn’t slowing down!

So, not only does the change to Straight Consulting clear up any confusion about our focus (or treatment modality preferences), but it also aligns (see what we did there) with our core beliefs and company identity. Straight talk. Straight sass. Straight growth. Straight forward. And now with 18% less characters!

The bottom line is that we, the orthodontic world, are rapidly moving from merely a customer service industry to one that must embrace true hospitality if we want to differentiate ourselves. When our patients care more about the experience being EASY than they do the clinical precision of the work, practices will thrive or die based on how they make their patients FEEL.

And with our new name, we gotta say, we’re feelin better than ever! So, if we can serve you in any way this year, please let us know. Straight Consulting is ready to blow the doors off of 2019!

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