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Post on Orthobanc’s AccepTx Pro

Straight Wire consultants are excited about Orthobanc’s new AccepTx Pro and recently had the opportunity to play with it. The setup was easy and utilization in the New Patient Exam was fantastic. That said, we thought we’d include our personal thoughts of it in our blog post, as sort of a short review of the product and aspects to take note.

AccepTx Pro has a beautiful interface. The visual presentation is spot on and we feel that this does enhance the positive feeling of assurance that the office is sophisticated, and therefore a trusted provider. The customizable features to provide not only treatment or financial options, but the quick selection to display a relatable illustration (photo of a peer), creates a subtle advantage for the Treatment Coordinator presenting the fees. Visualization promotes an ease of understanding, and understanding the proposal promotes acceptance.

One major aspect of AccepTx Pro is the payment arrangement adjustability (Quick tip: Note that we did not say “payment plan”- you should never call it a “plan”). It clearly encourages a financial discussion. While that sounds attractive or ideal, we would caution you to a reality we see in ortho offices utilizing a similar strategy.

It sounds great to have lots of options, and that’s what is initially perceived when you see an open-ended financial option. TC’s tend to get excited because they see this as an easy conversion. With it, they are presenting less “black and white” numbers and a lot more “gray”. Therefore, they must be able to convert this patient because somewhere in the gray is the perfect payment arrangement for this patient! This is true to an extent, and initially that is the right thought, but if the TC doesn’t maintain control of the options she is presenting, the patient will get overwhelmed and not convert. We find that TCs tend to “show all their cards” when they present this open-ended payment option and patients react negatively. The patient commonly feels overwhelmed, but more so, gets the car salesman vibe and THAT kills the deal. Now there are feelings of distrust. An open-ended payment option is NOT a negotiation, it’s simply a modification the office’s typical payment arrangement to better fit for this patient.

Stay in control of the financial presentation. In the background, you know what the office’s policies are on payment arrangements, therefore you know what parameters you must stay within and can even lock them with your settings (also a great feature of AccepTx Pro). Have an average starting point when you come to your open-ended payment option and present it as if it’s not open-ended. Get feedback from the patient and then modify it as needed. There should be no need to modify it more than once, maybe twice, but definitely not a third. At that point you are a car salesman.

Straight Wire consultants are excited for more and more offices to utilize Orthobanc’s AccepTx Pro. With great scripting, this is a fantastic tool for case presentence.


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